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Complimentary Google Ads Audit

Have our team take a deep look at the historic data free of charge. Best case scenario, we’ll wind up working together. Worst case scenario, we’ll give you some actionable insights that you can implement in your account to increase performance.

“I have worked with Adventure Media for a short period of time now and I can assure you, you won’t regret it! These guys are the best. Ronnie is fast and always on top of things!”

What We Do (In A Nutshell)

Before taking you on as a client, we want to make sure that our team can actually add real value on an ongoing basis.

That’s why we always audit and analyze your Google Ads account(s) and other advertising data you may have accrued.

We’ll take a look at things like bidding strategy, campaign and keyword structure, profitability benchmarks and long term strategies for scaling.

Our Google Ads Audit Process

Our Google AdWords campaign audits are a pressure-free way for you to get a sense of what it will be like working with us.

You’ll be impressed with the insights and strategies we’d bring to the relationship. And of course, the insights are yours to keep, free of charge.

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Account Structure

Are your ad groups and keywords grouped in a way that optimizes for relevancy and Quality Score?

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Bidding Strategy

Are you properly utilizing different keyword match types and bidding appropriately?

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Targeting Methods

Are you familiar with the different targeting options and are they configured for optimal results?

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Account Settings

There are many account settings that have both subtle and major effects on overall performance.

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Exposure / Visibility

What percentage of the time are your ads showing for your most profitable keywords?

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Budget Assessment

Are you allocating enough advertising budget to really compete in your specific industry??

I’ve worked in the SaaS market for close to 20 years. This is the best agency I have worked with, hands down. They had very solid strategic recommendations going into our engagement, listened to where we wanted to go (and our concerns), and–above all–executed. We have seen very good results. They built out the level of reporting we asked for (Thanks Patrick and Nechama) and are always testing. They also continue to maintain the level of excitement and insight that they had at the beginning. In particular, Ari and Nechama have been, and continue to be, the professional staff I trust with our SEM, display and retargeting dollars.

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